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What is the Fuze Viewer app?

Fuze's Augmented Reality seamlessly blends print to digital content. Print is static and stale on it's own. Adding the Fuze Viewer app creates a new level of interaction! Putting your websites, videos and social media in the hands of potential customers as easily as print!
Fuze Viewer is the focal point in creating innovative, and engaging marketing campaigns to increase brand loyalty. This technology will immerse the end user in a whole new dimension of enjoyable user experiences.
Fuze Viewer creates interaction with your brand like never before! Using the camera in your phone to recognize your product we Fuze them with digital content, like: button links, videos, 2D/3D images/models and interactive games!
We assigned a project manager to organize a dedicated team of software developers, designers and QA testers. Fuze Viewer is dedicated to generate higher value for their clients through the adoption of advanced technologies.